"I’d die without you. I’d kill for you" [x]
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Please, s e s t r a , I need your help. 

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yes okay i was tagged in the six selfie meme by shelby cool okay cool yeah these are the six that make me feel good(ish) about myself?

okay yeah idk who’s been tagged already don’t do it if you don’t want to

crowesmuse, solalea, valentinemichaelsmith, cosimageekhaus, soccercoppy, and uhhh alisonisthegreateststar?? that’s six right? rIGHT?

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Also Ps I have an Orphan Black/Hannibal crossover Drabble AU I've been writing forever inside a self-righteous Dexterian serial killer Alana AU where she's the Ripper and Hannibal isn't, and she totally houses and helps out Sarah Manning in her attempt to escape for that while. And she and Sarah are a surprisingly fun dynamic.

YOOOOOOOO that sounds amazing link meeeeeee i’m probably going to bed now but i’ll check it out tomorrow for sure :)

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Oh jeez they are the propunk of Hannibal. I never thought about it that way. I sometimes headcanon Alana's worse than Rachel, because she's got this mean streak miles wide whereas Rachel's is more understated, Alana's temper and negativity must be boundless. In the scene in s1 she she scolds Hannibal she is HORRIFYING.

yes esp towards the end of s2 she’s getting pretty fed up with will, she has the potential to lay into him at any minute

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She's his heart. They've got a Beatrice/Dante dynamic. She's this idealized love for him, beatific vision as it is, something unreal and untouchable, more a concept than a woman. And he's this lost thing, never did find himself after his sister died, wandering through hell with the image of her transfixed as a pleasantry. They're sort of almost literally Dante and Beatrice and it breaks my (1)

heart to pieces. Also Margot/Will is my hella brotp and I won’t lie Margot/Freddie or Margot/Alana are both ones I love. Freddie/Alana is just so intrigued because man. MAN. They’d hate each other and Alana would be her ugliest self around Freddie but it would be HONEST and selfish and they’d be great. Oh man I’m sorry I love that show with so much of my heart. (End)

yes i love those kind ships, freddie/alana would basically be the propunk of hannibal, they hate each other but they are still somehow together

like i said i never thought about it, but that’s a great way to look at the hannibal/alana ship that i didn’t really consider when watching the show so thank you thank you for that! 

and please, feel free to talk to me about this sort of stuff anytime. you’re passionate about it and that’s super rad so go on as long as you want! :)

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